Trilogy of Oceanic Poetry

Whale in a Spoon

Trapped, caught in a net
targeted for beauty and power
you spew jets of spray
and inhale stale winds
as you circle, circle, circle
in an endless search to escape.

At night, alone, you dream of
oceans wide and family calls
of expanses called home
and babies unborn

We gaze at you and you refuse
to see us, yet we both
feel the same on either side
of the glass: Trapped. 

Pocket Shark

Put U in my pocket
U gnawed your way out
1,000 leagues down U swam
Basking in phosphorescence
Small bodied, able bodied
A catfish of a shark
What do you hide, pocket shark,
Behind your fin, inside your pocket?

Mother of Oceans

Falling and arising
Arising and falling
Mother Ocean stands tall
Mother Ocean slinks away
And vanishes

Who knows her origin, her birth,
Her story
Who knows her depths, her height,
Her width

There is a mountain in India
Mother of Ocean
Named for unknown reasons
By unknown peoples

By climbing this peak,
You approach no closer
Illuminate no corner
Her name and her being
Mother Ocean. 

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