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Stinky Seafood, Jewish Christmas, and Dying Parks

Hey kids,

Don't eat this fish!

Don’t eat this fish!

A few of my published pieces should keep you occupied for the next half hour, especially if you add a comment or send a letter to the editor (highly recommended).

The seafood story happened last night in Miami, and it was an epic fail. Sorry Tuna Charlie and all other fish in the sea.

The Christmas story starts out with this line: “All I Want for Christmas is Jews.” Thanks, Sara.

The parks-on-hopsice story reveals an interesting group called Farm Share that delivers fresh produce to the needy.

So what are you waiting for? Read, comment, and enjoy the weekend.

Your unflinching reporter,



Happy seafood choices for the holidays

Beyond the hams and the turkeys, people will be eating lots of salmon and shrimp during the holidays. But don’t eat THAT shrimp! It’s just too naughty.

The dining concept combines friendship, food, and healthy living.

Feel good about the food your share.

Be nice to yourself and your planet’s health by making good, sustainable seafood choice. Here in one easy web page are all the resources you need: Give thanks to Seafood Watch!

If you’re too busy to think, buy strictly local seafood.

Here are a few other simple rules to follow:

  1. avoid shrimp, grouper, and shark
  2. if you must have shrimp, spend extra on U.S. wild caught
  3. don’t trust names. The majority of sushi is a different species than advertised.
  4. Trust a local fisher or fish monger.

People in the Miami area can attend the Taste of the Sea event this Thursday evening, December 4.

You are what you eat, and you don’t want to be a stinky, dying fish. Choose the nicest, healthiest fish from the sea.