Dread of Deep Dredge, Oil Drilling in Everglades

Attention crazy people! Your ideas are becoming reality in Florida. Remember when Governor Scott promoted the idea of bulldozing state parks to build golf courses? Well, that was tame compared to these harsh realities.

Article: Sifting for Truth in the Deep Dredge

That article about dredging in PortMiami made the Army Corps of Engineers see red. They published in this month’s Biscayne Times, and they sent me a nasty email that started this way:

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
Mr. Harper:
I find your headline a bit ironic with the use of the word “truth” when your article in the most recent issue of Biscayne Times contains anything but the truth.

PortMiami is digging deeper.
PortMiami is digging deeper.

My response? None. I only have one question for the Army Corps of Engineers: Who is responsible for digging, dredging, and otherwise contorting the Everglades into such a ill state that it requires a $10 billion-plus restoration?

Moving on…an even more disturbing prospect is the expansion of oil drilling in Florida, starting in protected areas. It is really sickening. Look for my article in this month’s Biscayne Times if they ever get around to posting online (okay, so it’s not a breaking news operation, but April has been here for a week already).

Tired of the ugly? Read about the pretty in my Park Patrol columns.

I’m also pleased to report that our young anti-climate change organization, 350 South Florida, has reached 200 members!

Oh, and my master’s thesis is nearing completion. Results to post soon. Go Jim!


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