Bad Day for Ignorance

Sorry, ignorant Charlie. Your days are numbered.

This week has been huge for turning so-called progressive issues into mainstream ones, and for banishing ignorance to history, where it belongs. And it’s only Wednesday.

Usually society crawls into change, but sometimes it leaps into a new ocean.

Today the Supreme Court settled two issues in favor of gay marriage, and the momentum on this issue has shifted. Youthful people are able to see marriage in terms of civil rights, much in the way that earlier generations saw racial equality as a civil right. Both issues require a shift of perspective to envision the world in a new way.

Yesterday, President Obama delivered his most in-depth speech on climate change. This issues also demands a shift of perspective to recognize the civil rights of children to grow up in a healthy world. This speech was not as ground-breaking as the Supreme Court decision, but hopefully it marks a turning point. The president said that he has no patience for people who deny that climate change is real. That debate is long over. We need to move, to progress towards action.

Today the Supremes showed us how it’s done. Decisively.

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