Hiaasen here

hiaasen190He started writing at the MIami Herald in 1976, so the much-heralded writer Carl Hiaasen ranks as one of the key witnesses to the area’s transformation into a multicultural mecca. He also has witnessed a crime or two, and alongside humorist Dave Barry, he has mined the riches of the area to create the Miami style of writing, which could be characterized as hysterical realism. He spoke tonight in North Miami at Florida International University as part of a lecture series, so he wasn’t too far from home.

“Just driving past Aventura is enough to inspire malicious thoughts,” he said. South Florida and greater Miami has led the country in various ways, today including: medicare fraud, public corruption cases, ID fraud, and nativity scene thefts. “It’s the most bizarre thing,” he says, to state the obvious. There was a 2007 story in the Herald about a Bal Harbour baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph being equipped with GPS-tracking devices. The following week, that Jesus was stolen. “There’s just too much weirdness.”

Duh. Flori-duh.


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