Toilet Trauma, a Florida Poll, and some other links …

Hello Kitties,

I regret not being so adept at posting all of my published articles, so I hope you will forgive me. My Twitter reflex is not fully formed. So, below are some links to take care of the future, when I may also forget to post things.

But first, post your ideas about the overall status of environmental affairs:


Biscayne Times Online: Scroll down the page to my two monthly columns: 1) Park Patrol, and 2) Going Green.

This month’s  Going Green (formerly Harper’s Environment) features THE ZOMBIE SEWAGE PIPES OF  MIAMI. There, you got the Twitter version already.

Check out some of my past Sample of Work on my profile page for the Society of Environmental Journalists.

I also write for Swimmer magazine, and the article titles are listed on my page, along with some of my accomplishments as a masters (adult) competitive swimmer.

There, that’s enough self-promotion for now. Someday my ideas will be strong enough to promote themselves.

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