Fav fotos I took 2011

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1. Pepe loves nothing better than rolling in the grass.  2. Ricky loves lounging among the native plants of the front yard.  3. A perfect day unites bike and beach.  4. The biggest bird I ‘er seen…Harpy Eagle at Zoo Miami.  5. Work it.  6. A sign of the times. Crandon Gardens is one of the most beautiful parks in South Florida, yet it appears almost abandoned. Several empty cages remind visitors (the few) that this property was the original site of Miami’s zoo.  7. The peacocks and cranes roam freely around Crandon Gardens.  8. I’m in the passenger’s seat next to Caitlin, who generously offered to drive me back to New Orleans after our seminar in southern Louisiana. A group of journalists and educators studied the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon (BP) Oil Spill, sponsored by the Metcalf Institute. The area looks fine from a surface view, but the spill’s effects will be lingering for years and even decades to come.  9 & 10. At farmers markets.  11. Frost home on Star Island, Miami Beach.  12. Butterfly World, Key West (that’s me).  13. Visiting parks for my monthly column Park Patrol, I always find something out of the ordinary. This park in North Miami Beach looked like roadkill.  14. Rain over pond in North Miami Beach.  15. Early one morning during our vacation in Fort Myers Beach, I went looking for dolphins, but I was even more fascinated to find starfish that had buried themselves in the sand. As the sun rose, they migrated back into the inlet. 16. Inlet between Lover’s Key & Fort Myers Beach. 17. Even the raccoons in Miami are going blond. Found this guy near a beach on Virginia Key. / 18. Design District, Miami. / 19. Front of home, North Miami Beach. / 20. Pelican at sunset over Biscayne Bay.


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