Jane Goodall is cute as a chimp

It was fun to meet Dame Jane Goodall last month, and she inspired this article. In her late seventies,

Goodall in Miami
Jane Goodall addresses a meeting in Miami in November of the ABC Continuity Forum.

she travels the globe 300+ days a year to spread her message of hope. The hope part does not come from the chimpanzees she studied; it comes from today’s children who are learning how to save the planet and who actually want to do it. God knows today’s politicians are not going to save us.

Goodall is a slight creature of barely 100 pounds, to my eyes, but her presence is strong. Looking down at her mangled thumb, I almost asked her what happened, but I bit my tongue — just as the chimpanzee bit her thumb years ago.

Little Mama
Little Mama (Wikipedia)

During her speech she did not say much about apes; she focused on how humans are swarming and trampling the earth. She did mention that the world’s oldest known chimp, Little Mama, lives in Lion Country Safari in Palm Beach County. Hang in there, Mama.


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