Livestrong, swim with Lance

Lance Armstrong looks strong and skinny, he speaks well, and he projects a humility not expected of a super-human. His hero is his mother, and his accomplishments in the Tour de France are “low on the list” of things he wishes to be remembered for. He’s a father of five and a cancer survivor who praises the women of the breast cancer movement for paving the way to deal with testicular cancer. What a guy.

Today he is in Miami addressing a small conference of the Americas Business Council (abc*) Foundation.

Still going strong after beating cancer in the mid 1990's.

When asked about his lowest moment, he remembers the waiting period after leaving his medical team in Indiana that treated his cancer. Without the constant supervision, he did not know what was happening inside his body. Waiting was the hardest part.

Armstrong is a swimmer, too, and he mentions his daily swimming group in Austin. His first sport was the triathlon. He raced often in Miami and is familiar with the popular cycling route along the Rickenbacker Causeway to Key Biscayne.

Current athletes and leaders often tell him that they want to start a foundation when they retire, but he tells them to do it now. Use your influence when at its peak.

With all the strange leaders coming out of Texas, it is reassuring that this one, Lance Armstrong, deserves our respect.

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