Big wet drill, baby, drill

I’ve decided to give up fighting for the environment and let developers wreak whatever havoc they choose. After all, what has ever stopped progress before?

Just kidding. Although I often feel that way, I’m not willing to be silent because we are in slow-motion war with our planet. Oh yeah, war can stop (and spur) progress. So can disease. Take your pick as to which happens first, but I’m placing my bets on a Contagion to remove a few billion people (that’s still less than half!), just as in the movie.

Port o Miami
The Port of Miami prepares for Deep (Throat) Dredge.

Why? Take seven billion paper cuts from seven billion people and you’ve got one bloody planet. Here’s Miami’s current self-cutting: the double expansion of its port. Both an underwater tunnel and a channel dredging project are happening simultaneously (hope they don’t collide!). Click here to see what I really think about it. Surprise — I’m not a complete hater!

The New York Times and Miami Herald have covered these mega projects, but only a handful of local environmentalists are taking it seriously (Here’s the state’s latest take on the tunnel project: 13-0267159-016POMT).

As for the Deep Dredge port project, one guy with a unique view is this spiky-haired scuba diver who has a very cool TED lecture about a rare coral living right in the middle of the port. I hope he can save these little hybrid guys. These half-breeds taught me that corals are “down with the swirl.” I feel sorry that they landed in the pathway of tankers, and I hope they get a new home soon. Save the Coral. Or give up. We have that choice to make.

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