Food Justice Now!

Locavore Lounge
Locavore Lounge is where the vegans meet to eat.

As the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations continue to swell, there are quieter activists in the shadows who have been very focused on one thing: our food supply. Yesterday while driving, I honked at a handful of middle-class protesters in front of a Publix grocery store with signs pleading for fair wages for migrant farmers. The grocery store chain clearly has the upper hand.

Speaking of vegans, last week I visited the second annual Community Food Summit of the Greater Everglades Foodshed. I’m assuming that “foodshed” draws its name from “watershed,” and that both refer to a geographical area that supplies our needs. At the meeting, I saw some of the same people I interviewed for my farmer’s market cover story.

"Vibrant, Healthy, Just and Sustainable local food system"

Also there was Michael Brownlee from Colorado, whose organization has the goal of reaching 25% of food from local sources by 2020. To get there, Transition Colorado is developing awareness to increase the demand for fresh, local produce. They publish a “yellow pages” called Eat Local!, and they encourage individuals to pledge a shift of 10% to local foods. Those people in Colorado are really organized!

Some places have an app for that, on, but you’ll notice the participating cities are far, far from Florida. I applaud the efforts of Earth Learning to create a network of local food sources, but their battle is up Florida’s steepest hill: Mount Ignorance.

As far as we’re concerned down here, food comes from Publix, and that’s all we want to know. We don’t want the truth; we want convenience. Can I get that to go?

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