Are greener holidays boring?

Send me some ideas for eco-friendly celebrations.

Oh Santa!
Santa arrives "in style" at my local Thanksgiving Day parade.

Seems nuts, but the holidays are almost here. Currently I’m researching the topic of how to “green” the big three: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So far my best idea has been to avoid buying anything made in China. Good luck with that.

But in truth, I’m not sure how families should have more fun with less stuff. We’re Americans; we live for stuff. Does the guy with too many Christmas lights on his house elicit frowns, or smiles?

Maybe the best advice to tackle both the problem of excessive consumerism and of wasteful holiday debris is to go local. For example:

Halloween: give out locally-made trinkets or natural toys that you collect, such as shells, instead of or in addition to candy.

Thanksgiving: find a farm where you can purchase a humanely-rasied turkey.

Christmas: decorate a living tree in a pot.

As for giving gifts, send the ultimate green. I accept cash. Almost as good: your ideas on this blog.


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