The E Word

“Costa Rica Sucks.” That was the new slogan that we came up with while on vacation there. The country’s official slogan is “Pura Vida,” meaning Pure Life and celebrating authenticity, but we felt that it needed updating. That much sincerity and idealism gets really annoying, real fast. Costa Rica Sucks.

In reality, it was quite the opposite, but the contradiction was funny. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the week of timeshare that allowed four of us to visit Condo-vac, our headquarters on the western Pacific coast. No sarcasm there). Sure, there were annoying situations and inconveniences that merited a bit of anger, but mostly we were thinking that Costa Rica Rocks.

Environmentalism sucks. Actually, it does for the individual. It’s all bad news, gloom and doom, we’re all gonna die, blah blah blah. Who needs that? Why not focus on what really matters in today’s world. The Economy, and shopping online. Shopping Rocks!

Of course I don’t hate nature and sustainable living, but it does get annoying when you’re striving for Pura Vida while most places, not being neutral countries with no military, like Costa Rica, tend to focus on protecting themselves and producing more, more, more at any cost. What’s the point of growing your own vegetables when you know they will get covered in nuclear fallout?

Come on, we can do better than that. We don’t have to wallow in the inevitability of a destroyed planet and extinct human race. We can maintain hope that Pura Vida exists today and will continue tomorrow. There’s got to be a way.

Denial sucks, and that’s for real. No longer can we stick our head in the sand and pretend that our Earth is not ill, like we did in the early days of AIDS, of the Holocaust, of slavery, etc. The longer you deny it, the worse it gets. And that’s pure truth.

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