Old Macdonald had CSA


For three years now, I have subscribed to a local veggie and fruit delivery service. Called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA for short, it brings fresh produce directly to the consumer instead of through a grocery store. The one I joined was Bee Heaven Farm in the Redlands, a farming community south of metro Miami.

It has been mostly great. It’s much easier than going to a farm or farmer’s market, and I find the price comparable to the supermarket in the long run. And you’re doing something good for the community and for your body.

Produce at Jackson hospital, a farmer's market that shut down this year.

If you don’t join a CSA, try frequenting farmer’s markets. I wrote a cover story about them recently, and one of my sources, Mike Moskos, has published his own comprehensive list of alternative food sources in South Florida. Let me also plug Trina Sargalski’s food blog, Miami Dish.

This year I’m giving up the CSA, probably because I couldn’t figure out what to do with all that dill. One can only eat so much cucumber salad. That’s the CSA’s major drawback — they choose the produce based on what is freshest. Good thing I learned how to stir fry! i’ll just have to find other ways to stay in touch with the local dirt.


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